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image3D Sun provides an ideal teaching platform for introducing the basics of Earth, space and sun science and their relevance to our daily lives. During STEREO's two-year mission, the two spacecraft will explore the origin, evolution and interplanetary consequences of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), some of the most violent explosions in our solar system.  CMEs can create major disturbances in the interplanetary medium (dust, gas and plasma in the space between the planets), and if they reach Earth, trigger severe magnetic storms that affect satellites, communications, power grids and airlines. Despite their importance, scientists don't fully understand the origin and evolution of CMEs; STEREO's unique 3D measurements should help answer these questions.

Please see the Teacher's Guide section for a downloadable PDF containing lesson plans and activities which will expand upon the scientific conepts introduced in the 3D SUN film.  We also recommend visiting the STEREO Learning Center, which has a wealth of information about the STEREO mission and the science behind it.