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3D Sun was developed IN COOPERATION WITH:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Science Mission Directorate, Heliophysics Division
Richard R. Fisher, Ph.D
Madjulika Guhathakurta, Ph.D

Melissa Butts - Producer & Co-Director

Melissa Butts is the principal and founder of Melrae Pictures based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her passion for telling immersive stories and her ability to combine compelling human experiences with cutting-edge science and technology has been recognized by the film and museum community worldwide.

Her most recent film 3D SUN, premiered in the prestigious New Jersey Liberty Science Center in July of 2007. Produced in cooperation with NASA, 3D SUN is being distributed by K2 Communications.

Her first installment of “3D BODY ODYSSEY”, a new 3D digital documentary health series, is in development. Featuring state of the art imaging technology, this film will take audiences where only doctors have gone before: inside a real human body in three dimensions to diagnose, treat and cure a beating heart.

“MARS 3D”, a 2D/3D digital experience, was theatrically released in the Fall of 2004 for new 3D digital cinemas in museums throughout the United States. The 2D HD version, “FUTURE FRONTIERS: MARS” celebrated its North American premiere at the prestigious American Film Institute/Discovery Silverdocs 2004 Documentary Festival.

Barry KimM - Writer & Co-Director

Barry Kimm is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker with 15 years experience. Kimm’s work features trademark realism and subtle humor that reveals his subjects with disarming candidness. From a NASA scientist putting robots on Mars (“Mars 3D”) to a County Sheriff responding to apuzzling crime wave (“Meteor”), Kimm finds the heart of the matter and brings hidden worlds forward with deft subtlety and understanding.

Kimm’s films have received honorary screenings at MOMA, New York City; Film Forum, Los Angeles; The Exploratorium, San Francisco and most recently at Silver Docs, Washington D.C. where the more doc-style 2D version of “Mars 3D” entitled “Mars: Future Frontiers” received an Audience Award honorable mention.


Mark Kresser - Co-Executive Producer

Mark has over ten years experience in the entertainment and new media businesses, with roles that have encompassed all aspects of project development, implementation and oversight. He helped launch, and later served as publisher and editor of the leading consumer resource for the IMAX® format film business, BigMovieZone.com, and went on to perform the same role for TBOC.tv, the companion web site for K2's TV show, The Best of California. Mark has also led the development and launch of other K2 web site properties, including the web site for K2's recent IMAX® format film release, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, and K2's corporate web site. Since 2004, Mark has managed the distribution of K2's catalogue of 49 IMAX® format films to domestic and international television outlets, as well as the emerging digital theater market. Most recently, he has spearheaded the successful release of Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag to over 70 theaters worldwide, and is an integral part of new IMAX® format film development and fundraising efforts


Ed Capelle - Co-Executive Producer

Ed has 25 years combined experience in the entertainment and giant screen film industries. He currently is president and CEO of a consulting firm that provides strategic planning and operational services to the giant screen theater, film production and distribution industries. Ed also served as chief executive of National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) Large Format (LF) Distribution division and was responsible for co-producing and distributing NWF's giant screen library. Prior to NWF, Ed was President of Film and Distribution for Destination Cinema, where he was responsible for production and distribution of the company's giant screen films including Mysteries of Egypt, one of the giant screen industry's most successful films. Total box office gross has succeeded $100 million. In addition, Ed was also actively involved in managing the company's theater business with site selection, operations and marketing.